Who we are and what we believe

Who are the EPS and what do they believe

The Evangelical Protestant Society (EPS) was founded in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1946 at a time when liberalism and false ecumenism were making ever increasing inroads into the Protestant churches.


In such a climate of confusion and compromise the EPS sought to reach out to all, irrespective of class or creed, with the Gospel of salvation by faith alone in Christ alone (justification by faith), to promote and defend the tenets of historic Biblical Protestantism, and to fulfil the role of an umbrella organisation uniting Protestants of different churches and backgrounds. In the sixty years since its formation, the EPS has remained true to its principles. We praise God that, in His strength and wisdom, we have been enabled to stand in the evil day, and still remain standing!


Since 1946, the theological climate has deteriorated further, with false ecumenism now rampant throughout our Province and beyond. In such a climate, Rome's confidence has grown and flourished. Secularism and humanism have also made very significant advances, and the moral fabric of modern Ulster is falling apart at the seams. In such circumstances, it would be easy to give up. But we have a duty to press on. Sadly, some evangelical churches have almost given up the battle for Protestantism, and the need for a society such as EPS is greater than ever.


Will you join with us and help us to raise the evangelical Protestant banner in the 21st century?


We publish a quarterly magazine, the ULSTER BULWARK, which is sent free on request, although gifts are, of course, welcome! The magazine reflects our work and witness and contains a wide range of articles. If you would like to receive a copy, please contact: EPS, PO Box 306, Belfast BT5 7WA, e-mail us at mail@ulsterbulwark.org, or phone 028 9048 1920.